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What Types of Houses Do We Buy?

We don't have many limitations on the houses that we buy. However, since we buy houses as-is, we receive houses in various conditions. Also, since our customers seek our help for multiple reasons, we may receive neglected or in excellent condition homes. 

Want to know if we will purchase your house? Give us a call. One of our property agents can look at your property and provide a cash offer on the spot. 

Dilapidated Houses
Houses That Are Hard to Sell The Traditional Way
Inherited Houses
Quick Access To Cash
No Real Estate Agent Fees
No Need to Make Repairs

What Are The Benefits of Selling a House For Cash?

Our team understands that everyone's circumstances are different. So while traditional home sales may work for many, some segments of society need our services.

For instance, our services are ideal for those who need to sell their home, but it is not in good condition to sell the traditional way. Additionally, our services are suitable for those who have inherited a house they don't want to manage. Such sellers prefer to get cash for their inheritance.

The benefits are endless! Call today, and we will provide you with a cash offer on the spot. 

Who Buys Houses For Cash?

Many entities buy homes for cash. The biggest are real estate investors. Another option is companies like ours that specialize in buying houses for cash. Still another option is iBuyers, who use technology to derive an offer for a home and typically resell online. 

Work with us, the little man who is part of the local community, not some real estate mogul company.

Home Buying Companies
Real Estate Investors
Real as Rain!
Request Proof of Funding
Work with Professionals in the Field

Are Companies That Buy Houses for Cash Legit?

Although some scams exist surrounding buying homes for cash, this is a legitimate business.  Most true cash home buyers purchase homes at market value and sink the cost of fix-up into the offer. Upon acquiring the homes, home buyers may fix them and resale them. To know that you are dealing with a legit company, it is a good idea to request proof of funding. 

Why Do Houses Sell for “Cash Only”?

If you acquired your home the traditional way, you probably paid for it using a mortgage. However, some homes sell for cash only. These may include homes for sale at auction. They may also include homes that are dilapidated and need serious repairs. There are numerous reasons why a house may sell strictly for cash. 

They Are In Very Bad Condition
A Seller Is Having a Hard Time Getting It Off the Market
A Seller Wants to Get Cash To Pay Debts
Yes. If You Need Cash Fast. 
No. If You're Not In A Hurry To Relinquish Your Property. 
Yes. If You Have Dire Financial Problems. 

Are Cash Buyers Better?

It all depends. When you need cash fast and don't have the money to fix up and sell your home the traditional way, seeking a cash buyer is better. Although cash buyers offer great deals on homes, they also have to consider a home's renovation costs. So, this gets subtracted from the value. So sellers may not get as much money as they would if they have competing buyers on a property, but the cash offers are fair market value. 

Call Sell My House Orlando if you have additional questions!

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